SpeedAngle Lap Timer Accuracy


Before I got a dedicated race GPS like most I played around with various setups using an iPhone. First I tried just using the iPhone and later I paired it with an external 10Hz GPS receiver.

Neither setup worked well, mainly due to the fact you need to start and App, pop the phone in your leathers and head out on the track. Most times the lap timer never started for various reasons making successfully recorded sessions something to get excited about rather than a dependable outcome.

When a SpeedAngle popped up for sale second hand I jumped on it, hoping to get a unit I could rely on each time I went out.

SpeedAngle make two major product claims. 1) Its hands free – just ride and it will automatically records your laps 2) The timer is accurate to 1/1000 of seconds in good GPS conditions.

Is it Hands Free?

The SpeedAngle definitely delivers on its hands free promise. You just turn it on, start riding and once you hit 120 km/h timing starts. After 240 seconds of no movement the timer stops and everything is good to go for the next session.

Is it Accurate?

While the SpeedAngle didn’t exactly live up to its 1/1000 of a second claim in testing the differences were small at around 1/100 of a second per lap.

Lap Transponder SpeedAngle Diff
1 1:07.0950 1:07.1080 +0.013
2 1:05.0220 1:04.9680 -0.054
3 1:03.8550 1:03.7570 -0.098
4 1:04.6430 1:04.7740 -0.131
5 1:06.4150 1:06.3540 -0.061
6 1:06.7380 1:06.6690 -0.069


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